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The Family Route

The Family Route

Every day at 10:00 and 12:00 from Käylä

The Family Route is a perfect training route for newcomers

We meet at Käylä to gear up, and then the rafting adventure will begin!

We will shoot seven rapids on the Käylä – Juuma route. The first three rapids on the route – Käyläkoski, Vähä-Käylän koski and Vääräkoski – are Class I rapids according to the international rapid rating system. Navigating these calmer rapids is a good way to get a feel for rafting.

After passing the Vääräkoski rapid we will head to the Class II rapids on the Family Route, where we will pick up speed. Shooting these rapids may bring splashes of water to your face! The second to last rapid is the fastest rapid on the route: shooting the Harjakoski rapid will make you feel the charm of rafting! The last rapid on the route will be calmer, and below it the outboard engine will take us over the short distance to the end of the route near Juuma. Transport by car back to the meeting place.

  • Departures

    every day at 10:00 and 12:00 from Käylä

  • Duration

    2 hours, incl transportation

  • Age limit

    5 years

  • Price

    40 €/adult, 25 €/5-12 yrs.

  • Price incl.

    The rafting price is inclusive of gear (rubber boots, rain pants and raincoat, PFD, helmet), transport back to the meeting place, a guide who is a trained rafting skipper, a rubber raft with paddles, insurances.

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