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Canoeing Route Savilampi – Kiutaköngäs – Jäkälämutka

Savilampi – Kiutaköngäs – Jäkälämutka


Includes transport to Savilampi and return from Jäkälämutka to the place of departure.

Transport to Lake Savilampi departs from Oulanka Visitor Centre. At the Savilampi place of departure, we will take the canoes to the river. At the meeting point of Lake Savilampi and River Oulankajoki, there is a small rapid that you will shoot down through the middle section of the foaming water. The rapid is quite shallow and not very large. The paddlers are in the Oulanka National Park area right from the beginning of the route.

After paddling a little more than 2 km, you can already hear the rumble of the mighty Taivalköngäs rapid. This natural attraction can only be admired from the shore, as it is too big to shoot. The canoes are taken 200 m downstream via an island in the middle of the river and along an easy path.

Before Kiutaköngäs waterfall, the canoes are lifted ashore at the Oulanka Visitor Centre. The paddling trip continues below Kiutaköngäs through the magnificent river scenery towards Jäkälämutka.

  • Departure

    on request

  • Duration

    2 days

  • Distance

    34 km

  • Group size

    min. 4 – max. 40 people

  • Price


  • Price incl.

    Equipment (life jackets, paddle, map, watertight bag) and transport (to Savilampi and return from Jäkälämutka), insurance and VAT.

  • The return transport

    The return transport from Jäkälämutka departs as agreed at either 16:00 or 17:00.

Inquiries and bookings

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Canoeing Kiutaköngäs-Jäkälämutka



Weekly programme departures 31 May–30 September, Mon–Sat

Experience the magnificent views of the national park on River Oulankajoki. A self-guided canoeing trip is suitable for the whole family. 

The canoeing route begins from the quiet waters below Kiutaköngäs rapid. The route also has excellent opportunities for overnight stays. 

The canoeing route ends at Jäkälämutka bend, which is located on the Finnish border zone about two kilometres from Russia.

Map for the canoeing route Kiutaköngäs – Jäkälänmutka – A canoeing route in Oulanka National Park (

  • Departures

    31st May – 30th Sep, Mon – Sat 

  • Duration

    6-7 hours

  • Length of journey

    25 km

  • Tour rating

    Easy, suitable for families

  • Price

    Canoe €35 per person
    Kayak €40 per person

  • Price incl.

    Transport back from Jäkälämutka to Kiutaköngäs. Canoe/Kayak and equipment (life jackets, paddle, map, watertight bag), insurance and VAT.

  • Place of departure

    Drive along Liikasenvaarantie road across the bridge that comes after Oulanka Visitor Centre. Continue for about 200 m and turn right to the canoe and boat landing site. Follow the road for 2 km to the boat landing site.

    The departure is self-directed. Canoes, Kayaks and equipment are ready at the departure point. You can identify the canoes by the Kuusamo Safaris stickers. The equipment are under the canoes. 

    The payment takes place during the return transport.

  • Return transport

    Return transports back to the place of departure depart from Jäkälämutka at 16:00 or 17:00. Please book the return schedule in advance.

Inquiries and bookings

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